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Having a minor surgical procedure like toenail removal, skin biopsy, or lesion repair doesn’t mean you have to spend days or even hours in a hospital or surgery center. At Houston Family Medical Clinic in Houston, Adriana O’Neal, MS, FNP-C, a highly skilled family nurse practitioner, has all the equipment needed for safe, smooth minor surgical procedures on-site. Book now through the online tool or by phone.

Minor Surgical Procedures Q & A

How does a skin biopsy work?

If you have a suspicious skin growth, Adriana O’Neal, MS, FNP-C may do a skin biopsy to check for skin cancer and other skin diseases. There are several kinds of biopsies.

Shave biopsy

Your care provider scrapes a small amount of skin cells from your upper two layers of skin. This is the most common biopsy for small growths.

Punch biopsy

In a punch biopsy, your care provider extracts a circular portion of your skin, including both upper and lower layers, using a punch tool.

Excisional biopsy

In an excisional biopsy, your care provider removes the entire skin growth using a scalpel. She also removes some surrounding skin to ensure that all potentially affected skin cells are removed.

You’ll receive local anesthesia for your biopsy to ensure your comfort. The biopsy is done on-site at Houston Family Medical Clinic and usually takes just a few minutes. You can return to work or your regular routine right away, wearing a bandage over the biopsy site.

How does toenail removal work?

If you have an ingrown toenail, a fungal toenail, or another issue that warrants toenail removal, your care provider can do the surgery on-site with local anesthesia for your comfort.

Next, your care provider uses scissors, scalpels, and other surgical tools to carefully separate your toenail from its nail bed. She may remove the nail in one piece or in a couple of sections, depending on your toenail issue.

Your care provider then uses a device or special solution to prevent bleeding, and then applies ointment and a bandage. After toenail removal, you’ll wear a bandage for at least a few days, and you’ll have to be careful about footwear choices until you’re fully healed.

How should I prepare for my minor surgical procedure?

If you’re having toenail removal, skin biopsy, lesion repair, or some other minor surgery at Houston Family Medical Clinic, a team member will let you know about how to prepare at least a few days ahead of your procedure.

Generally, you won’t have any major restrictions, but you should avoid lotions, creams, and other products on your skin ahead of the procedure and wear comfortable clothes that allow easy exposure to the surgical site.

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